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Companies who use content created by Writer-in-Residence include...
Keith Duffy DNG

I'm delighted to have worked with Duffy DNG on a number of content and proofreading projects, and look forward to hopefully doing more of the same!

Professional Training Centre

I am delighted to be a Content Production Consultant on the panel associated with the Professional Training Centre.

Rebecca Hickey

Rebecca Hickey is a Voice and Performance Coach. I worked to redesign and publish her new website. It was a great project and I look forward to seeing what she does next!


I originally worked with OceanConnects to update their website content and improve their SEO ratings. Following the success of this original assignment, I was kept on as a Content Consultant, and was involved in their accreditation as a Business All-Star.

Smedias @ Generation Y

I worked with Generation Y for the duration of the 2019 Smedias organisation campaign. This was a demanding and rewarding position, during which I gained a huge amount of experience in event planning and administration, as well as my primary duties of overseeing the PR campaign for the event.


Bottle is a video agency devoted to creating and producing premium corporate content. I've been working with them to develop a social media strategy, and can't wait to see how the brand and our relationship develops!

Easy Food magazine

I worked with Easy Food for 5 months, during which I was responsible for their social media pages; content creation; website editing; and newsletter creation. I was also involved in the #easyfood15 campaign, which celebrated their 15th anniversary as one of Ireland's premiere food magazines.

Dave O'Callaghan Fitness

Dave is a World & European Champion in Kettlebell Sport as well as a Precision Nutrition, Training for Warriors and NTC Strength & Conditioning coach. It was an honour and really enjoyable experience to work in this new field and build his website with him!

New Stage Films

I'm lucky enough to work with Sam Uhlemann - a Writer/Producer/Director based in Dublin - on the proofing of scripts and treatments. The work is very exciting, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here


I was lucky enough to work with this up-and-coming Motion Capture technology firm in 2016. I helped to build and manage their social media profile, and wish them the best of luck in the future!

Manor Properties

My work at Manor Properties revolves around reviewing and revising their website.

Kilfeacle House Cottages

My work with this luxury hospitality provider includes their website text; management of their Facebook page; staging of photos; and representing the brand on TripAdvisor and Airbnb.

University College Cork

The thesis which I submitted as part of my M.A. in Film Studies is part of the U.C.C. Library. It is entitled 'Fears, Queers, and Our Ears: An Aural Investigation into the Representation of the figure of the "Monster Queer" in the Slasher Genre'.

Killenure Dexter Gourmet

My work at Killenure Dexter Gourmet involves the creation of the majority of their current written content. This includes the text for their award-winning website; presentations; liaising with journalists for interviews and articles; and social media management.

Killenure Castle

Although a private home, Killenure Castle is an integral part of the Brand at Killenure Dexter Gourmet. A highlight of my work here is the attendance and social media at the La Rousse Country Fayre in 2016

Tiarnan O'Sullivan Films

As well as being my brother, Tiarnan is an up-and-coming film writer and director, currently based in London. We have collaborated on a number of projects, ranging from idea generation to script revision and proofreading of other documents and projects.

UCC Journalism Society

During my time as a student I was an enthusiastic contributor to both the U.C.C. Express and Motley Magazine. Within U.C.C. I was nominated for the Journalism Society's 'Best Features Writer' award'. Nationally, I was rewarded with the 2011 National Student Media Award for 'Colour Writer of the Year'.

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