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Who is this mysterious 'Writer in Residence?'

First of all – welcome to my blog!

This is a very exciting (although also stressful and exhilarating) time for ‘Writer in Residence’, and I’m really looking forward to sharing some stories here with you! As well as providing a space to share the trials and triumphs of life as a freelancer, this blog will also feature entries which can help you develop your brand on paper.


So, who am I?

My name’s Keavy O’Sullivan and I am the hand that holds the pen at 'Writer-in-Residence'. I set up my business – and this blog – so that I could share my gift and passion for writing with you, and improve your business in the process. As part of the writing process you and I will have to work closely together, so this blog presents an opportunity for you to get to know me better.

I’m based in Munster, but travelling has always been a passion of mine, so don’t let that stop you from getting in touch! I’ve had the pleasure of living in East Anglia in England, Tipperary, Cork, and Waterford, and I’ve built up a great collection of places to sit, think, and write.

Asides from the written word, my passions have always erred on the creative side - playing music; calligraphy; scrap-booking; photography; reading; history; travel and cultural exploration; cooking; baking and of course, socialising. I thrive in the company of other people, and my ability to make people feel at ease – with themselves and with my company – is one of the key strengths which I bring to any partnership.

I was given the opportunity to finish my secondary education at the age of 15, so I've had more time to study and explore my interests than many of my peers. Consequently, I've completed courses in Performing Arts and Music; Office Procedures and the European Computer Driving Licence; Museum & Gallery Studies; Film Analysis and Criticism; Military History; and less relevant (although just as fun) Cupcake-making and Flower-Arranging!

As you have probably surmised by now, my curiosity about the world is wide-ranging and insatiable, and that is an invaluable quality in a writer. I take pride in the fact that whatever background you come from, I will be excited and grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons, and continue my education!


Although that is enough about me for now, I can't wait to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me with requests for blog posts, and in the meantime I'll just keep on writing!

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