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So, what it is you do exactly?

Thanks for coming back! I thought I'd use this second blog entry to explain my role in a bit more detail, as well as how it can - and will - help your business to grow!


The post of 'Writer in Residence' originally described a temporary residential position within an academic establishment, which provided a writer with a secure living situation while they wrote and shared their professional insights. Usefully for me, this is a perfect starting point for explaining what I do, and why I chose that company name - asides from the fact that I think it makes me sound really quite cool when I introduce myself.

I am genuinely concerned with making the transition to working with a Writer in Residence as easy as possible for you and your company. I do prefer to meet people in person at least once, particularly for larger projects and anything relating to Brand materials. The reason for this is very simple - I can produce better material, which fits more closely with your intended Brand image, if I am familiar with the words that you use when describing your project. Nobody knows your work better than you do, and it is my privilege and priority to enable you to share that with your consumers.

Following our introductory meeting, I work remotely from my own office, allowing you to continue with your normal operations. I communicate with clients via email and/or telephone, and will frequently check in to update you on the status of a project. Again, my role is designed to fit around yours, so all these rules can be broken at any time.

Once a first draft has been submitted, we're onto the really fun bit - corrections! I will work with you as long as we need, to ensure that all content produced by 'Writer-in-Residence' helps your business to perform, and mine to grow.

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